Here is a link to a video clip or Ronnie Henk receiving the LL Langstroth Award at a Virginia State Beekeepers Association meeting.

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August Meetings and Events
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August 18th


Colonial Beekeepers Association

Monthy Meeting


August 22nd

National Honey Bee Day

Brent & Becky's Bulbs


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NewBees Corner


Information listed here is for the new beekeepers looking for guidance on what beekeeping chores are to be considered now:


The summer dirth has started and foraging bees are all looking for stores to bring back to their home hive. Don't let your hive become a source of stores for a neighboring colony! Use a robbing screen if you have a small colony or are feeding to grow your colony. Products like Honey B Healthy or added essential oils can drive foraging bees wild. They want that stuff!

For information on Robbing Screens check out these links:
Robbing Screen article on the CBA website
Images for different varieties of robbing screens
A few video links on making robbing screens. Something to remember is if you use an entrance reducer the width doesn't need to exactly match the bottom board.
Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers(NWNJBA)
Country Rubes Beekeeping Supplies
A Google search brings up plenty more videos!
Robbing Screen Videos


For information on Spring Feeding - supplemental feeding of sugar syrup and/or pollen substitute check out this link: Michael Bush on Feeding


So you have your new nuc, how do you grow it? Here's a link to a presentation of how to grow your nuc into 3 boxes:Growing Nucs


So you've found queen cells in your colony. Here's a link to how you might transplant them to a queenless colony or make a nuc. Fat Beeman doesn't wear a veil, you should! Fat Beeman never says "it is my opinion" so take heed!
Queen Cell Transplant